Monday, May 7, 2012


So we've been playing hard out here in KC. Jack and Chuck had their 2nd and 28th birthdays on May 2nd. I feel like we've been celebrating for 2 weeks though. We opened presents the Saturday before their birthday. On Monday we went up to Omaha for the day(pictures to come). Tuesday Chuck went to his new ER rotation and found out he didn't need to come in again for an entire week. So on Wednesday, their actual birthday, we drove down to San Antonio.

Jack loves his new teepee.

I made an Indian piƱata and about halfway through I realized how inappropriate it was to whack at a person's head. So I apologize to any this may offend.

Chuck, not even pretending to be surprised.

The cake. We didn't get around to making/eating this until yesterday. It was a pinterest recipe and turned out better than most of the recipes I've tried from pinterest.

Jack loves being the center of attention!

Me and my boy!

I just need to mention how much I love these two. Both of them have been so present for me at the most difficult time in my life. Jack has inherited Chuck's nurturing nature. I am grateful to have married a man who turned out to be such a great father. He constantly amazes me with his patience and ability to enjoy everything he does with our kids. Chuck is my best friend and I can't imagine going through this life with anyone else.
Jack feels deeply. He wants so desperately to be loved and adored. He has a hard time with any correction. He is curious and becoming a little sponge. He's reading far beyond most kids his age and is catching up on his speech. He's obsessed with states and love dressing up like cowboys, Indians, dogs and just about anything else. He always knows when I'm sad or hurting and already seems sensitive to the spirit. He's fascinated with Lucy's death and talks about her, heaven and Jesus everyday. We love Jack and the little person he's becoming. Happy Birthday Boys!

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