Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not feeling well...

Jack isn't feeling well. He's been lazy all day, and is having a hard time breathing. We gave him a bath and swabbed on some vapo-rub, hoping that will help. His humidifier is going full speed, too. Right now he is happily watching Up in Mom and Dad's bed until bedtime.

Symptoms of the Swine flu vaccine? We hope not, since we both got it too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More pics

Hanging out in Mom and Dad's room.

"I love causing havoc!"
Look at that guilty face.

Happy Halloween!

My sweet mother bought Jack three different costumes. Come Halloween none of them fit. We ended up borrowing this pumpkin costume from a neighbor. I thought he still looked pretty cute. We had a ward Halloween party that was pretty fun. We decided not to take Jack trunk-or-treating because we knew we'd end up eating all the candy ourselves. Somehow he managed to figure out what he was supposed to do on his own because he kept showing up with candy in his hands. Taking candy away from this kid is terrifying. Who ever came up with the expression "stealing candy from a baby," has clearly never tried it.

My little Jack-o-latern