Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Update

We have our appointment with the pediatric cardiologist on Mon. It can't come fast enough. We really appreciate all the love we've felt from family and from friends who've been so good to help out. You're the best.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Update

Yesterday was a nerve racking day for Chuck and I. I had my first appointment with the perinatologist. He's a high risk pregnancy doctor and because I'm carrying twins it's pretty typical I was asked to go to see him. The appointment started off really well. We had an ultrasound and everything was looking good. Baby A who we named Lucy awhile ago, was head down. Her sister Baby B, who we've named Hazel was breech with her bum sitting on Lucy's head. This made it really difficult for the doctor to get a good look at Lucy. The doctor spent a long time examining Lucy's heart and eventually he told us he couldn't see all the parts that should be there. Chuck could explain this part a lot better than I can. Anyway, my initial reaction was total panic. My younger brother died when he was 8 days old of a heart defect. The doctor assured me that this was not the problem with our baby. That was a relief.
The nurse told us she would schedule us an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist hopefully this Friday. If not we will have to wait until the following Friday which seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.
I think Chuck and I were both a little more optimistic when we first found out this news yesterday. We are trying to have faith while still preparing ourselves for the worst.
I have an appointment tomorrow with my OB, so I'm hoping he passes along anything that might be helpful right now.
Yesterday morning before any of this happened I was talking to my mom about how blessed I have felt lately. Before I found out I was pregnant I had an eerie feeling that something big was going to happen. I think I start feeling this way whenever things get a little too easy. I kept imagining someone in the family dying, (mostly my parents or Chuck's parents, sorry guys.) So when I realized we were having twins my fears of death and disaster we gone. The truth is Heavenly Father always accompanies blessings along with our trials. Having Jack was probably the most difficult thing I've ever done but it has been by far my greatest blessing. I know that no matter what we find out about our daughter, our Heavenly Father will be there for us.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Early Birthday Present

Jack and Chuck's birthdays are coming up, just like these daffodils and tulips!

So we got Jack a slide, and put it up as fast as it came so that Jack could be more occupied while playing outside.

Should we have waited for his birthday? Does this look like the face of a boy that can wait for his birthday? No way!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

24 weeks!

I may only be 24 weeks along, but I feel much, much farther. I went to the doctor yesterday and luckily my cervix still hasn't dialated. I feel very blessed that this pregnancy is going as well as it is. I have zero energy but my spirits are high and I'm feeling really happy. I am so scared to bring these new babies into the world but I am so ready not to be pregnant anymore. I feel like I can barely breathe and my ligament pain is brutal.
In a couple of weeks I have an appointment with a perinatologist. I'm pretty excited because he's going to do an ultra-sound. My OB has admitted he's not the greatest at interpreting ultrasounds so it will be good to go to someone else.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Royals Game

Jack playing on the playground they had at the stadium.I think it's funny when Chuck rubs Jack's head.
My cute fam.
My nephew Carter catches a foal ball. The highlight of the game!
Everyone around snuck up closer for seats in the sun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's in a name?

"...That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

But what names should we give the twins?

Help us by filling out the poll or leaving a comment with the best twin girl names you can think of.
(And they don't have to be serious. Eliza and I are looking for a good laugh.)

'80est: Tiffany and Heather
Unisex: Jordan and Taylor
Floral: Lilac and Peony
Abstract: Maybe and Seven
Old Ladiest: Mabel and Ethel