Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey Sis!

Hazel left, Lucy right

Pictures of Lucy's homecoming

Our first family photo
Jack was really excited when we brought Lucy home from the hospital. He's ignored her since then.
Lucy is glad to be home after only six days in the NICU.
Jack has become quite dependent on his binkie since the girls arrived. I don't dare take it away.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My girls

My first time meeting Lucy after the C-section.
I just had to throw in this cute boy.

Lucy after her cardiac cath. This procedure may have kept her from having a more invasive surgery.
My girls are reunited.
Hazel looks so much bigger here.
Sweet Lucy
Cutie pie Hazel with one of Carlie's cute headbands.
Hazel left Lucy Right
I can't get enough!
I love my husband. He loves his little girls.
Big yawn Lulu

Hazel McKay:
You may have noticed from the pictures that Hazel's head is not exactly round. We were told by nurses that this head shape is common in breech babies. A neonatologist met with us and told us he was a little concerned about her head shape but mostly he was concerned that the bones along the top may be fused together. If this were true it would require surgery. He doesn't think they are but it will take a couple of weeks to really know for sure. We are going to follow up with a neurologist in a couple of weeks to find out more on what we need to do for her. On a lighter note I think Hazel is the funnest little girl ever. She has this way of drawing you in. At the hospital the nurses would fight over her. I even had a male nurse come and tell me he thought she was the sweetest baby in the nursery. (He does not typically work with babies or their mothers.) She's a very quirky little thing and is constantly pulling funny faces. She is really strong but has a hard time turning her head because of it's shape. It's kinda sad but kinda funny. I adore her.

Lucy Blair:
I'm just starting to get to know her but she is such a sweetheart. Chuck and I can't get over how sweet and adorable she is. I've been able to feed her twice now and they have been very special experiences. She's our little fighter. She's had a rough week and has been so tough through it all. Miracles have surrounded her. Her body had grown collateral arteries to help circulate blood. It's so neat to see what our bodies will do to help us survive. Our family is truely blessed to have such a special little girl.

We have felt the prayers of so many working on our behalf. Not only are my children doing great but I'm feeling better than I have in months. My recovery from surgery has been very easy and I've barely felt tired at all. My mom has been a huge support and help and Chuck has been so wonderful with taking on so much on his own. I am so grateful for my family and for how supportive everyone has been. There is nothing more I could ask for.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Tomorrow will do a lot of things.

Tomorrow will bring two new babies. Babies cry and need food and diaper changes. Babies don't sleep through the night, but babies sleep more throughout the day. Babies don't talk. Jack doesn't talk either, but he can read. Babies don't read. Babies don't play. I can't wait until they can play.

Tomorrow will turn our little family into a big family. If we wanted to stop having kids, we could, and nobody would think anything about it. No criticism. Three kids is legit.

Tomorrow will divide our new family between two hospitals. Eliza and Hazel will be in one hospital, Lucy in another. Lucy will have to get surgery soon after birth, probably after one week. She has tetralogy of fallot. It's serious. We're going to be bringing home one baby at a time. Poor Jack is going to be so confused. He's going to be overwhelmed with one, then we're going to bring home another. Poor kid.

Tomorrow will make our life inconvenient. We won't be able to go out to dinner as a family for years. We won't be able to go grocery shopping without a huge amount of effort. Church is going to suck. We won't be able to go to Sunday school for 18 months (bummer).

But tomorrow is going to bring two little girls! They're going to wear pink clothes, and bows. They're going to be so cute, and they're going to love their mom and dad. And when we get old, they're going to take care of us (I don't think we can count on Jack for that...)

I'm excited for tomorrow...