Friday, May 31, 2013

Wild Strawberries

I love watching Hazel discover new things. She loves being outside and loves all growing things. One day after she'd gone to bed I found her dress pockets filled with flowers. I love this girl!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yellow Springs!

We made it to Ohio. We stopped in Kansas City for a few days for Chuck's graduation from medical school. We had a lot of fun staying with friends.

Us leaving Utah.

Driving by our old digs in KC. Did I use that correctly?

Our new house in Yellow Springs.

Hazel is in heaven. She loves picking the flowers.

Jack went to orientation at his new school. I think he's gonna love it.

Chuck and his Dad have been working hard putting in a new kitchen. Both his parents are here until tomorrow and my mom left today. I don't know what we'll do without them.

Chuck and I made our kids quilts before we left. I love them. Both quilts have some fabric from Lucy's old dresses.

On Sunday we took a break from the reno and visited this awesome burial mound.

I'm already homesick but I love this place already. It's an amazing community and we know this is where we're supposed to be.