Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Labor Coach

Well, we were hoping to have a baby by now, but the little thing has decided to stay put (to spite us, I think). The due date is still a week away, May 7th, but Eliza has been dilated for a while (3 cm, 90% effaced), and that baby is lucky that it isn't slipping right out. I have taken on the role of Labor Coach, but not in the traditional sense. A traditional labor coach helps with breathing and focusing techniques, tells mommy when to push, etc. Not me, though. I have been coming up with ways to induce labor, or ways to get our doctor to induce labor. I've come up with some great ideas, but Eliza is not willing to try them, and she's so pissed off at me right now that she won't even talk to me. She claims I'm being obnoxious and causing unnecessary stress for her (due to a recent trip to labor and delivery, to be discussed...). I just don't think she's willing to do what it takes, and since I'm the one righting the blog, I'm probably right.
The best idea so far is this: I want to make Eliza walk the steps of Old Main Hill on campus, which we've done almost daily for a week. It really gets her contractions going, but not full on labor. Our doctor can be quoted as saying that Eliza won't go into labor on her own. She will have to have her water broken to help the process. Furthermore, when Eliza has pretty consistent contractions, we can take her in to the doctor, and she will help break her water to ensure labor can occur. So, the plan is simple and obvious: we walk the steps of Old Main today, drive directly to the doctors office afterward, Dr. Blackett can monitor her, conclude they are good contractions, break the water, and send us over to Labor and Delivery, and 10 hours later, Jack. Will Eliza go along with this plan? No. Why not? Because her pride has been wounded by an emergency trip to the hospital on Sunday that ended in no baby, a lot of frustration and embarrassment, and a fear of going in too soon again. Those dang nurses ruined it for me!
So, plan B. We do the same thing, but we do it on Friday right before our scheduled appointment with the doctor. Eliza's on board, I'm on board, and Dr. Blackett better be on board if she knows what's good for her. So far I'm failing as a labor coach, and I can't fail again on Friday!
(I know she looks little, but that baby is already 7 lbs., 7 oz. That's plenty big.)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Philly, part II (and then some...)

I'm a little behind on my postings. Those of you that are important people in my life already know my Philadelphia story and my Kansas City story. Those of you who aren't that important in my life, to try to combine the stories to make them fit in one posting, I'll just take out all the interesting stuff and tell you that I was accepted to Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences five days after my interview, and I was put on the alternate list (HIGH on the alternate list) at Thomas Jefferson University. I am way excited about the KC news, but I am a little attached to Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson University and I want to fight for a spot in their school.

These are my feelings on the situation: the Kansas City acceptance was way too easy. Where is the struggle? First of all, they offered me an interview before I submitted the supplemental application, which, in the world of med school application, is loco. Sure I was psyched about the invitation to interview, but it was too easy. Second, the interview at KC was the hardest, most grilling interview I've had out of my four interviews. What the heck? They grilled me, and then accepted me after five days? It wasn't even five days. I got the letter in the mail on the fifth day, two of those days were the weekend, meaning they accepted me after like one or two days of thinking about it. I'm not that great, KC.

I think the med school application process has jaded me. I guess that I feel like if the admissions committee doesn't spend at least a month of worthless brooding over our applications, there is something wrong. Maybe these feelings are of hesitation toward KC. I don't know, I'll probably have to fast about it, dang it.

I'm coming across in a negative light towards Kansas City. It was an awesome school, and I would love to go there. They have brand new buildings, awesome facilities, great professors, etc. They would give me a quality medical education. But I want to wait til I hear from Philadelphia before I act too soon about Kansas City, and here is why: Thomas Jefferson University is affiliated with 21 hospitals in the area, meaning I could complete my clinical years in Philly. If I went to KC, I would have to move during my 3rd and 4th year, because the school isn't affiliated with any hospitals in the area. I don't want to have to move every two years for the the next eight years! Also, there are more opportunities to get real, hands-on experiences with patients in your first year in Philly. I have started a campaign to get accepted to Thomas Jefferson. It involves calling or e-mailing the admissions big-wigs constantly until I get accepted. The reaction has been favorable so far.

In more urgent news, Eliza is 75% effaced, and dilated to a 2. She can literally pop any day now.