Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm a huge fan of swaddling. Not a huge fan of swaddling blankets. With Jack swaddling was a must. He would not sleep unless we squeezed the life out of them. The problem with Jack is that after about 2 weeks he could get out of anything and we always had to go back and rewrap him. Chuck and I both dreaded swaddling him and would argue over who had to do it. So that's why I'm so excited about this.

If anyone has ever used these or heard of them let me know. With twins coming I really want to find something that will work well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All my bags are packed...

But Jack, we're not leaving until Friday. Silly kid is ready for another trip to Utah.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hutching Happenings

Jack adores Chuck.

One of our last pictures of Vincent.
Jack loves sliding around on his belly in the tub.

Jack is in the next room, not sleeping
I would be sleeping if he were, even though I've been sleeping all day
As my morning sickness has started to fade, my tiredness has increased which I didn't know was humanly possible
Chuck and I have been having a lot of fun with Jack lately
This is such a good age
I love that we still sneak in at night to watch him sleep
He tries so hard to be good and hates getting in trouble
He's sensitive like his Momma

So I haven't been the best at blogging lately. We've had a few changes to our home. First off, we gave away our cat Vincent. I'm still very sad about this, but I keep telling myself he's being replaced with a baby. We still need to find a home for Fergie.
Jack has started talking a little more. Those of you who know him know he's not the most talkative kid. He's starting to try. I've found that if he doesn't care about it, he won't say it. So unless it's a cool animal sound like Roar or woof, he's not really interested. Things he cares about and talks about: Dad, Mom(not so much), Key(blankie), show(movie), juice, more, car, balls, up down and no. He says other things too but those are what are most important. We love him.
In other news...I'm getting fat. I'm not actually gaining any weight but my stomach is definitely enlarging. It's a bit ironic that pregnancy is the only time I have trouble gaining weight. I think the weight gain will eventually catch up with me this pregnancy. I'm actually terrified about how big I could get. I think our next ultrasound will be at 18 weeks, so we might get to find out the genders then. Exciting! As of next week they will be checking my cervix at every appointment. That's a little freaky. With Jack they started that at 36 weeks.
Oh good, Jack's asleep
Chuck is busy studying endocrine. I can't give you a whole lot of info on that. He's been a huge help the last few months while I've been sick. I love how he'll just take care of things without being asked. He's been great. Don't let his recent post fool you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

baby stuff

So Chuck there's a new background for you. Are you happy!?

Anyway, we went to our second Dr.'s appointment today and it went really well. We saw the babies again which for me was a huge relief. I've been a little nervous that something would happen to one of them. After all, we did find out pretty early on we were having twins. Now that I've seen that they are ok, I feel I can talk about them again. The dr. explained to us again why he thinks they're identical. When most people don't know what they're having it's because there are two placentas and it that case it could go either way. We only have one placenta so unless something weird like fused placentas is going on, then they are identical. At least I think so? I'm pretty sure. So there you are

Other fun things I've learned: Identical twins do not run in families. A women's chance of having identical twins is about 1 in 250 and that # remains pretty consistent throughout the world and hasn't changed much over time. A women's chance of having fraternal twins varies hugely on race and has drastically increased in recent years. Weird.

My mom was able to come to the appointment today which was really fun. We heard the heartbeats for the first time and the babies looked like they were snuggling.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yo Liza...

Time to change the backdrop. It February already. Nobody wants to look at our blog and be reminded that it isn't Christmas anymore. I know you're pregnant with twins, but you need to get with it. And while you're at it, maybe try to make something for dinner tonight. It's been months since you've even looked at the stove. I guess I could order out from Mr. Le's Sushi again, but some home cookin' would be a nice change. And did you notice the piles of laundry in the hampers. Yeah, that means it needs to be done. How 'bout you get on that, too. And Jack really stinks. When was the last time he had a bath?

I'm just saying, you really can't be in that bad of shape when all you've been doing is watching every episode of Lost and laying in bed all day. Time to get with it...


Don't worry. I'm really not a d-bag. Everything I wrote is a joke. Eliza is actually doing great these days, made dinner two nights ago, does the laundry, and takes care of Jack all day long. Love you, Liza! I just thought this would be funny. Ha, ha, ha. Very funny...