Friday, June 22, 2012

It's about time someone writes something here!

This is Chuck. I never seem to post anymore. And apparently neither does Eliza! But I've got some spare time since I find myself all alone in Philadelphia with nothing to do, so I figured I ought to write.
I went to my 10 year high school reunion a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see so many old friends. And I realized we are just that: old. Everyone looked great, but time has a way of marching on whether we want it to or not.

Lucy died 8 months ago. It seems like we've been missing her for so long. Each week that passes makes it a little easier, but it means that we are that much further away from her, and the memories aren't as fresh. Although I could do with a little more distancing from the day she died. It remains a very traumatic, the most traumatic, day for Eliza and me.

I have enjoyed the scriptures a lot lately. The bible and the Book of Mormon. I'm seeing things that I never saw before, despite how obvious they are. There were a lot of people who learned how to follow the voice of the spirit, and that Spirit led them to Christ. It wasn't without hardship. It wasn't being led blindly. It was deliberate asking and seeking, and obeying. Obedience to law didn't lead them to Christ. Obedience to the direction of the Spirit led the way to Christ.
I hope to have more time to learn to hear and obey the Spirit.

This is jack with a big letter J. He seems pretty pleased about it, and I hope that he decides to start going by Jack again, instead of Black (yes, the color black), or Bob the tomato, or spiderman.

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