Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's early early in the morning. I can't sleep. I had a bad dream about my little boy and now his sweet spirit is on my mind. Jack is such a special kid. He's such a charming, emotional and quite frankly, a disgusting little boy. Everything a little boy should be. Jack adores his family. Anytime we're all together he asks, "Are we a family." And when we answer him, he gets all happy. He's always the first to offer a hug when I'm upset. Yesterday we were watching, A Muppet Christmas Carol. I got emotional when Tiny Tim died. Of Course. Jack kept asking, "what happened to Tiny Tim." I explained that Tiny Tim got sick and died. He turned to me and said, "It's ok Mom. Lucy is ok. She's awake." Such a smart boy.  He's had a hard time with Lucy being dead. He's finally understanding that she isn't asleep in the ground, but "awake" in heaven. He adores Hazel and is pretty dang nice to her as far as big brothers go. Jack's favorite person in the whole world is his Daddy. If he could spend every waking moment with him, he gladly would. Jack has a gift for reading. He was very slow to start talking and he's still in speech therapy. But this kid can read. His brain can make connections that are just incredible. He's never really been taught he just notices the patterns himself. He loves new information and seems to eat it up. He chews on everything which totally grosses his parents out. He constantly picks his nose and he spills all over himself when he eats. But I love him so much. He needs so much love and thrives when he gets it. Just like most of us. Ok, maybe now I can sleep. Good night Jack!