Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hazel Monster!

What happened to my sweet baby?
Her first tooth, that's what.
In the past, when mother's tell me their baby was teething and that must be why their child is misbehaving, I really didn't get it.
Jack got fussy but he was never this bad.
Lucy has been sweet as ever.
We're awaiting her first tooth.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucy's appointment

Lucy had her cardiologist appointment today. She weighed 11 lbs. 2 oz. It was enough of a weight gain for her to avoid having a feeding tube. She's been on a high calorie diet for the last month and the doctor told us to increase it even more. We gotta get this girl fat! The most important thing we found out is that Lucy will probably be having her next surgery in April and she'll need another cardiac catheterization before that. Good job Lulu

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This weeks appointments

Monday- Took Lulu in to the Pediatrician and found out she's gained 9 oz. since Dec. 16. We are hoping that it's enough for her to avoid the NG tube. She now weighs 10lbs 14oz. She's only gained 1 lbs. in the last month.

Thursday- Hazel goes in to make sure her helmet is fitting and to make sure her head is shaping the way it should. It's not and it's not. Her helmet is way too tight and her head is starting to look like a rubix cube again. Is that spelled right? Hazel has been helmetless for the last day because it looked like it hurt. I hope they can stretch it out because she's not due for another helmet for a couple of months.

Friday- This is the big appointment for the week. We meet with Lucy's cardiologist. Her last appointment was the middle of Dec. and that's when he put her on a 26 cal diet (20 is normal). He told us then that if she didn't gain enough weight she'd need to be put on an NG tube. If we do that she'll need to go back to the hospital for awhile. He might also schedule another cardiac cath. She's had two of these already. That would also require a little hospital time. ugg.
The weird thing is as Lucy gets bigger she's going to get sicker because she'll outgrow her shunt. They will only do Lucy's surgery once she is sick enough. So we have to get Lucy well enough to become sick so that she can get better. Follow? That's ok.

In other news Chuck is doing his Pediatric rotation and thinks that he might to do his residency in that. He's kinda been around babies a lot lately.