Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Labor Coach

Well, we were hoping to have a baby by now, but the little thing has decided to stay put (to spite us, I think). The due date is still a week away, May 7th, but Eliza has been dilated for a while (3 cm, 90% effaced), and that baby is lucky that it isn't slipping right out. I have taken on the role of Labor Coach, but not in the traditional sense. A traditional labor coach helps with breathing and focusing techniques, tells mommy when to push, etc. Not me, though. I have been coming up with ways to induce labor, or ways to get our doctor to induce labor. I've come up with some great ideas, but Eliza is not willing to try them, and she's so pissed off at me right now that she won't even talk to me. She claims I'm being obnoxious and causing unnecessary stress for her (due to a recent trip to labor and delivery, to be discussed...). I just don't think she's willing to do what it takes, and since I'm the one righting the blog, I'm probably right.
The best idea so far is this: I want to make Eliza walk the steps of Old Main Hill on campus, which we've done almost daily for a week. It really gets her contractions going, but not full on labor. Our doctor can be quoted as saying that Eliza won't go into labor on her own. She will have to have her water broken to help the process. Furthermore, when Eliza has pretty consistent contractions, we can take her in to the doctor, and she will help break her water to ensure labor can occur. So, the plan is simple and obvious: we walk the steps of Old Main today, drive directly to the doctors office afterward, Dr. Blackett can monitor her, conclude they are good contractions, break the water, and send us over to Labor and Delivery, and 10 hours later, Jack. Will Eliza go along with this plan? No. Why not? Because her pride has been wounded by an emergency trip to the hospital on Sunday that ended in no baby, a lot of frustration and embarrassment, and a fear of going in too soon again. Those dang nurses ruined it for me!
So, plan B. We do the same thing, but we do it on Friday right before our scheduled appointment with the doctor. Eliza's on board, I'm on board, and Dr. Blackett better be on board if she knows what's good for her. So far I'm failing as a labor coach, and I can't fail again on Friday!
(I know she looks little, but that baby is already 7 lbs., 7 oz. That's plenty big.)


Bri said...
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Bri said...

Jeez, Old Main Hill is brutal, even if you're not pregnant. Good luck, though. I hope it works!

p.s. Liza, I like your shirt in that photo.

The Coxclan said...

Chuck, leave that poor girl alone. She's the one who has to deal with the crap, let her decide what she wants to do when she wants to do it. I personally got so sick of being pregnant I was almost willing to try anything, but it was my choice, so back off little bro or I'll come beat you up for Eliza. Love you guys. Eliza let me know if Chuck gets too abnoxious.

Quela said...

Just so you know Chuck....the woman is ALWAYS right. Especially when she's prego!

Meredith said...

You must have done some couching right cause now you have little jack! You need to update with some pictures!