Friday, June 13, 2008


Here's a quick update of what we've been up to and how things are going here in Logan:

Jack really likes to take baths now. We usually give him a bath at night to call him down (nighttime is usually fussy time!)

Jack likes to experiment with different looks. If only these glasses were a little bit smaller...

Jack is cute just about all the time...even when he's tired.

Eliza just went in for a haircut. This is her before...Let's hope it turns out better than my after!

Despite how it looks, I really like to help out with the baby.

The cats are getting along great, with each other and with Jack. They've even killed 5 mice in the last 3 days! Go cats!

Eliza, Jack and I went to Summerfest here in Logan. We treated ourselves to Gyros, Navajo tacos, chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, and caramel apples.


Eric & Lara said...

He's so cute!!! I love it! Where is Liza's "after" photo???

Mom said...

Great photos! Love you all! Mom H

Quela said...

Jack is a cutie! I'm glad you're having lots of fun with him. And hey, you can leave us all hanging on the new haircut picture. I'm waiting.

Carlie said...

I want to see the new do! Can't wait to see you this weekend. You're coming, right?

Bri said...

Eliza, your hair turned out so cute. Makes me want to cut mine! I'm so glad I got to see you all for a little while and to finally meet Jack! Love him!

And love that photo of Liza and Jack in the bjorn.