Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's not so bad.

It really isn't. I have honestly loved Missouri from day one. I know I came off a little dramatic in my last post, but I really do love it.
Things I love about Kansas City:
1. We live by a major freeway which connects us to other major freeways which connects us to the entire city quickly and easily.
2. Great barbeque. Jack Stack is amazing. Whoever decides to come out and visit us will be treated to a great meal (the baked beans are to die for).
3. Great historical points for interested Mormons. Did you know that Kansas City and Independence were like the garden of Eden? And Liberty is right next door: that's where we do our shopping. And Adam-Ondi-Ahman is an hour away, and it is beautiful.
4. Sports teams. I am not an athletic supporter, but if I were, I would be really psyched about living here. We already went to a Royals game, and you just know that we'll end up at a Chiefs game, or something else like that.
5. Fountains.
6. Birdies. (Google Images: Nelson Atkins Museum of Art)
7. QT. This stands for Quick Trip, a regional gas station that is awesome. The inside is always clean, and they have the best assortment of fountain drinks and food. I love their chicken taquitos. And did you know gas here is like $3.69!

I really do like it here. Eliza is starting to, too.


Quela said...

Wow, you've moved already. Time flies. You better let me know when you guys come to visit so we can get together.
Now, just my opinion, since you're living in Missouri, you should totally root for the Cardinals instead of the Royals. If you come back Royal fans we might not be friends anymore. Ok, I lied, you guys are way too cool to not be friends with. Go Cardinals!
And keep posting pictures of your cute little Jack. I love to watch little babies grow. Especially the cute ones.

Bri said...

You're total midwesterners now, and that's pretty cool. I can't wait to come visit! Me and Michelle have already talked about when.

And thank goodness for Pam!

The Coxclan said...

Go Royals!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you guys went to a game. Isn't that stadium the coolest. I think so.
You should go to Union Station, too. That place is pretty cool.

You're close to a lot of other things, too, like the Ozarks, Nauvoo, Nauvoo and St. Louis temples, Branson, MO, the Arch in St. Louis, etc. Okay, they're a few hours away but they're fairly close. You guys probably know this already, so I won't bore you anymore, but I'm so excited you're there. Maybe too excited.

I'll be reading you're blogs. Later, David