Friday, September 19, 2008

                                                                       My silly boys
                                                                        Downtown KC
                                                              We took a wrong turn

                                                    Jack building a monkey who he loves
                                                   A fountain at our favorite park here
  What is he wearing?!
                                                                   First taste of food
                                                           getting ready for nap time

                                                             Hanging out with mom


Eric and Lara said...

You guys look so cute! When are you coming to Utah again?

Singletonmd said...

Oh hutchings!!! Thanks for your comment!!! I still use the scarf and the hat! I love them!!! I totally forgot about the rap. . . LOL! Well its all worth it for that piece of your pants you gave me: HA HA HA!

Michelle Anderson said...

oh my he is so adorable these days!!! miss you guys. also, you know you didn't take a wrong turn when you came to that graffiti wall... you went looking I know it :)