Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jack of the Week

I'm waiting for our camera to charge up.  If I remember right, we have some really cute pictures from Christmas that we haven't posted, and I want to post some before the day is over.  I've made it a goal to try to post something everyday.  To keep things simple and fun, I've come up with something to post about for each day of the week.  So, yesterday was music video day (hence Beyonce), today is picture-of-Jack day, and tomorrow is a-funny-quote-that-either-Eliza-or-I-have-said,-or-that-we-overheard,-or-whatever, day.  But I have to charge up the camera before it will let me upload the photos.  I would think that as long as it is plugged in, it shouldn't have to charge, but whatever.

While I'm waiting, I'll tell you about the new pillows Eliza and I bought from Pottery Barn.  We saw that they were on sale online, but I didn't want to have to pay shipping.  So we went to the local PB and asked about them, and 5 minutes later we had 2 pillow cases from the back or the basement, or wherever it was they had to find them from.  For some reason I can't upload a picture here.  Here's a link...

Well, I just noticed that the USB cord wasn't plugged in to the computer.  That usually helps.  It'll take just another minute...

Nope.  Just kidding.  This isn't letting me add any photos.  What the heck?  Anyway, I'll work on it.  We have some really good photos you need to see.

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Bri said...

Ben and Jen named their new baby Serefina.

Cute. Your pillows, I mean, not Serefina. I've never seen her, although if she looks anything like Violet, I'm sure she's adorable.