Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things that bug/ Things that don't bug

Things that bug
1. Wal-Mart!!!!
2. Mean drivers
3. Yucky Missouri water
4. Not having any nail polish remover in the house, so my toes are all multi colored
5. Not having tweezers because Jack pooped on them and I didn't have the stomach to clean them off and now I look like Bert 
6. "Food stamps accepted here," signs at the liquor store down the street. Seriously? People can get liquor with food stamps? Fo real?
7. My cats 

Things that don't bug
1. Jack with his beach ball
2. My family (see y'all next week!)
3. When Chuck puts Jack to bed
4. Skipping sunday school so Jack can take a nap
5. my good life
6. Free refills on diet coke
7. My cats 
8. Target!!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Hi Liz! Excited to see you too! I'm really glad we're on the not bugging list. :)