Monday, April 27, 2009

...raindrops on roses

Hi, it's one thirty in the morning and after 4 cans of diet coke I'm still buzzing around the house. I know tomorrow I'm going to regret staying up so late. So what did everyone think of those bizarre pictures Chuck posted of him and Jack? I asked Chuck why he took pics of Jack's belly but he said that wasn't his intention. Huh? Anyway, I'm up because there is a really good storm going on and I'm afraid we're going to get swept away in a tornado. The whole house keeps shaking from the thunder. It's pretty cool. I guess May is supposed to be the worst month of the year for tornados. Does anyone else secretly want to skip around their homes during thunderstorms?


Kevin and Amanda said...

YES! I LOVE STORMS!! Too bad there are like NONE here in Utah.

Eliza and Chuck said...

Yo Eliza,
Go to bed.

Michelle Anderson said...

I love thunderstorms. I'd be awake too :) and actually I probably was. I've hardly slept this week. the joys of college.