Friday, May 8, 2009

Laundry, Twisters and Mr. Darcy

Okay, so I started my laundry yesterday which means in pops Jane Austen. (a habit I picked up from my mother) Today we're having thunderstorms that feel like earthquakes and we're on tornado watch so I decided I'd continue with the rest of my collection of films. I think every Mormon Mother and possibly every other woman EVER have posted something on their blogs about how hot Mr. Darcy is and how they wish their husbands were that hot. Or they'll say how their husbands are so wonderful just like Mr. D. Well I'm not above any of that. Mr. D is hot. Why? I'm not sure, he's a jerk. Well my husband is no Mr. D. Sorry Chucky, you're not. He's more of a Mr. Bingly. He even kinda looks like him.

Okay maybe not that much.


Quela said...

I want to go to Brighton!!!

Quela said...

For some reason that scene always makes me think of you.

Christin Foscarini said...

oh p&p! remember when i made you stay up until like 4 watching it with me for the first time!! haha