Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary to you!

I can't believe that it's been 4 YEARS since we got married! Sometimes it seems a lot longer... but it usually seems like the time is flying by.

Here is what I love about being married to Eliza:
1. She smells good (when she bathes, which she's been doing 2-5 times daily to relieve the aches and pains of prego-ness)
2. She is a great mom, even though she doesn't think so.
3. She gets upset when I have to go to school, and mad when I get home later than 5:30.
4. She's finally starting to think that I'm funny.
5. She's funny (although I don't think she's as funny as she thinks she is, which is usually pretty funny).
6. She has funny addictions, which get replaced by other funny addictions: Diet Coke --> Diet Dr. Pepper --> Diet Coke --> Diet Caffeine Free Coke --> Diet Cream Soda (why?) --> Fresca;
Sudoku --> Mahjong -->Blog stalking --> Sudoku --> Mahjong --> Blog Stalking;
Junior mints (that one's pretty stable).
7. She tried so hard to argue with me in the early years of marriage, making "rules" for our fights. Ridiculous. But I love when I catch her breaking her own rules, and I especially love when she gives in on such occasions.
8. She is willing to move across the world with me.

The list can go on and on. I love being married to Eliza.

Here is a list of what I want from Eliza during the next four years of marriage:
1. Start cooking again! (and it wouldn't hurt if you talked like Paula Deen every time you're in the kitchen).
2. Can you wash the sheets on our bed already? I'm kind of tired of sleeping on cracker crumbs and spilled milk from Jack. It's time.

That's all.

Happy Anniversary! I love you!


Michelle Anderson said...

Happy anniversary to you two as well :) I miss you all.

Bri said...

Yes. This made me laugh so hard.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Eliza is on my short list of favorite people. She's funny and smart and interesting. In all the best ways. She's very pretty too!

Glad you married each other. It's been fun to see your relationship grow from Eliza obsessing over you while you were on your mission, to you two making out in my bedroom (!) to creating a family of 5 (again, !) Congrats on 4 years.

Miss you!