Friday, April 16, 2010

Early Birthday Present

Jack and Chuck's birthdays are coming up, just like these daffodils and tulips!

So we got Jack a slide, and put it up as fast as it came so that Jack could be more occupied while playing outside.

Should we have waited for his birthday? Does this look like the face of a boy that can wait for his birthday? No way!


Michelle Anderson said...

Your flowers look beautiful! Ellen did some yard work and almost killed all of ours. she thought they were weeds... Fun slide! Jack is getting so big!

The Finlinsons said...

Oh, Eden and I should come over sometime and play with you guys. Eden was really sad when I came to borrow flour cause she wanted to go inside your house.

Christin Foscarini said...

Jack is so cute!! Look at that face, he looks like trouble :) I say anything to distract them should happen asap! Your flowers look so pretty and springy. You look awesome do pregnancy so much better then me. So excited for those little girls to come :)