Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life has been pretty lazy lately. We mostly just lounge around at home. I'm glad we're able to.
We went back to Kansas City which was pretty emotional. I feel so bad that Lucy was never able to come back to that home. I know when she was in the hospital that was the home she was missing.
Jack and Hazel are starting to normalize.(For a long time Hazel would wake up screaming in the night after Lucy died.) Jack is finally getting potty trained. His speech therapy is going really well and he's so fun to chat with.

Jack with his new (to him) skis.

Hazel on Jack's bed in Kansas City.

Poor Hazel can't open the freezer.


The Reynolds said...

Such a sad face in that last picture but I love the ruffles. Jack is going to be a better skier than I am at age 3. I'm not that good so I'm not hard to beat.

Gideon is finishing up his speech and it's funny how many things he comes up with now. Although, I do miss the quiet sometimes. :)

I'm glad you get a little lazy, family time. It's good you have so much family close around you.

Scooby and Jon said...

Poor Hazel. I'm glad things are starting to normalize for you a bit.

Anaise said...

Welcome back . . . adn I agree with Melissa--those ruffles are fabulous! :)

Meesh said...

Being lazy is the way to go I've decided :)

Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

I love Hazel's romper! She's adorable!