Thursday, September 26, 2013

House tour part five?: kitchen

Our kitchen isn't quite finished yet. It's fully functional except for the hood over the stove. We mostly just have detail work to do. Chuck put all the cabinets together himself and his dad and him hung them. Except for the big pantry one's, I helped with those.

My parent's came for a visit recently where the three of us did the backsplash. We went back and forth between this and a quatrefoil pattern. I ended up doing the subway tile because it was so much cheaper.

My favorite things about this kitchen are the gas stove, farmhouse sink and island. All three things Chuck had to talk me into.

This used to be a closet you entered from the hallway on the other side. Chuck and Jack knocked it down. I

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Raelyn said...

Behind!! Again!! Well, I shall just have to do something about that!! ;)
The kitchen!! It is a place where my Mom spends enough time in, the other day, when I was playing "Where's Grandma?" with our niece, Little Munchkin, where did she look? The kitchen!! ;)