Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Go Utes!

Hello again, world-wide web of people. I thought that Eliza would take a turn next before I wrote again, but she hasn't had the opportunity to yet. So here I go again.

Let me start by saying that these last few days have been surprisingly awesome. Have you ever had a day that went your way, and was even better than you could have predicted? This week has been like that for me. To start it off, I sold two of the coat racks that I've made that are on display on the bottom of the screen. I sold them to a woman in Spain. Things should have gone really bad with the transaction: I quoted her the wrong shipping price, I purchased the wrong type of shipment, and I didn't know what I was doing; but things worked out, and I was paid in full for shipping, and I got it off to her without any trouble. Lessons learned, and blessings received.

The next thing that really made my week was an e-mail from the University of Utah. Do you remember my previous blog, and how I had to drink away my emotions with a smoothie from Sonic because I wasn't hearing from any schools that I had applied to? Well I finally got asked to interview at a school, and it's one of my top picks. I would LOVE to go to the U for the following reasons: in-state tuition, close proximity to family and friends, in-state tuition, and close proximity to family and friends. And I guess they have a great program to boot. I'm pretty excited. One of my fellow pre-med peers who has two interviews scheduled at other schools (he's an awesome guy) isn't even scheduled for an interview at the U yet. Now I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I need a little boost where I can take it. Isn't that rad? Go Utes!

Okay, now the third thing is probably the most important. Eliza had her doctor's appointment yesterday, and guess what? She really is pregnant! I thought she might have been lying all along to get me to do stuff for her, but she wasn't. There really is an alien life form inside of her. We have the pictures to prove it. It was so much fun. We got to see the heartbeat and the little hands on the ultrasound, and it was moving around all over. As far as we know, it's a healthy little fetus-thing. We have another appointment scheduled for four weeks from now, so we'll keep you updated.

Finally, I did something about my bum-wiping dilemma. The nurse that I work with at the nursing home told me to apply for the RNS aid position. I would still work on the same wing with the same cute old people, but I would have different duties. So, I filled out an application, on Monday, and the next day I got a call for an interview. I went in, had a five-minute interview, and was offered the position immediately. My new duties include doing physical therapy type things with the residents to improve mobility and ambulation. I'm really excited to start.

As you can see, this week has been pretty awesome so far. I guess I can expect the rest of the week to go downhill. That's alright, I deserve it. One exciting thing, though, is that I'm almost finished with about 4 more coat racks. Anyone is welcome to look at them and buy them after I add them to my shop. You can access my shop via the bottom of this screen. Just click on a picture.


Bri said...

Yea!! Little Baby Hutchings is on his or her way!! I can't even believe it. That's weird. But really cool!! We need to come up with a nickname for him/her.
Baby Chiza!

Michelle said...

AAAHHH!!!Chuck It would be so awesome if you stayed in-state! when is your interview? I hope you get in. seriously. And that is great that your week has been so good. I love weeks like that. We need to schedule another dinner in the near future. As for baby chiza... maybe we should brainstorm a bit more bri. jk.

Carlie said...

What a cute baby! I can already tell he (or she) is going to be a doll! Love you guys. I hope you're coming home soon for a visit!