Saturday, October 13, 2007


Here's something funny we ran into while in Europe. Across the street from our hotel in Paris was a McDonalds--I mean a McDoner (wow, that sign always threw me off). Honestly, I would like to know what they were thinking with this sign. Were they really trying to confuse people into thinking that they were, in fact, McDonalds? And when their customers tried to order a Big Mac, were they going to be very let down because all they have are gyros and lamb hamburgers?

If you'll notice, this restaurant serves Turkish Specialties. I guess I wasn't aware that there were Irish-Turks. Why else would turkish people name their restaurant with a Mc? It baffles me. Unless, of course, they are trying to confuse people into thinking they are McDonalds. Being confused for a famous world-wide chain should be beneficial.
What shouldn't help business, though, at least with the American tourists, is the second half of the name: Doner. Do they accept McKidneys and McLivers from people, and use it in their food? Or do they take the whole package, like the infamous Donner party? Either way, the appeal is missing.

To add to the excitement of this story, we braved a trip to the interior. Eliza, being the sick one on our trip, picked most of the restaurants we went to, and somehow she picked this one. Although it was located in a shady spot and had a bizarre name, we went, we ate, and we enjoyed. We both got grilled chicken sandwiches and fries. This was our third choice. Although they had a menu, only about three meals were available (I suppose they had run out of doner meat by the time we got there). To be perfectly honest, it was one of the better restaurants we ate in as far as service, flavor and cleanliness goes.
So here's to McDoners! May you eventually beat out your competetor with the similar name!


Michelle said...

That's hilarious. When we were over there I was sick of weird food one day and decided I was getting something from mcdonalds. Everyone thought it was lame, but interestingly enough followed...

Lisa Olsen said...

I love your blog! It's crisp and newsy. Keep it up!~

Also - those coat racks are awesome, Chuck!! Can I buy one?
(This is Bri's mom, Lisa, by the way - don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting, but I know Eliza).

Shiz is a cool word - Just want you to know I gave it to Bri first.
Comes for the musical, Wicked - FYI.

Bri said...

That's not accurate actually. I got shiz from Liz Masson. I'm pretty sure.