Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That is the only way that I can describe the degree and saturation of coldness that I felt in Milwaukee. The sad thing is, I really liked it there, and I wouldn't mind moving there. Milwaukee's downtown is really charming (you find random, huge, orange asterisks), they have great restaurants, and their medical college is really nice. The people are very friendly, the cost of living is probably comparable to Logan, UT, and I felt like a good sturdy scarf and hat would protect me from the frigidity.
The interview was great. I was paired up with a faculty member whose field of study is psychoneurology (which was strangely convenient because I had just finished reading a book by Norman Cousins that argued the critical connections between positive and negative emotions and mental processes, and physical health, btw), who had thoroughly read and enjoyed my application, who readily asked questions about my mission, church, and even theater experiences, and I felt like she highly valued my efforts and experiences. I don't think it could have gone better.
This interview was for placement on their alternate list. At the time of my interview, they had awarded acceptance to the maximum number of applicants. But as people choose to go to other schools (since each applicant applies to at least 10 schools) they will grant more acceptances to people on the alternate list.
And, as of yesterday, I am on that list! It's not a big deal, but it is one step closer to acceptance. It means that I may be accepted as late as August, for the school year that starts in August!
In light of the good news, I will only mention in passing the fact that I was held up in the Milwaukee airport for 5 hours due to the freakishly huge blizzard that came out of no where, forcing me to miss my connecting flight in Denver, arriving in Salt Lake 7 hours later than scheduled. It could have been worse (I could have stayed the night in the airport) but it was still pretty bad.

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Michelle said...

I hate staying in airports. seriously uncomfortable.