Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Philly, part I

Since I loved my trip to Milwaukee so much, I decided to fly out to Philadelphia for the same reason, but this time I took Eliza. She was such a good sport for flying out there on a red-eye flight, 7 months pregnant. (It was a horrible flight, although I realize now that all flights are horrible.)

Despite our lack of sleep, the first day was great: we rented a van, drove out to the country, found an enormous mall in a town named King of Prussia (no joke), and bought clothes at H&M. Well, I bought clothes while Eliza slept in the van --I was making up for our trip to Europe when I didn't get to buy anything at the London H&M because Eliza wanted me to wait until we were in Paris, but we only found the women's H&M in Paris, and therefore my opportunity to buy those great corduroy pants, which would have come in handy this winter, was foiled, though probably for the best because I ended up not fitting into their pants since I've gained so much sympathy weight during Eliza's pregnancy.

Wow, what a tangent...

Our hotel was in downtown Philly, in the Chinatown neighborhood. We ate great chinese food. I didn't know Beef with Broccoli could taste so good! We also ate philly cheesesteak sandwiches, which were awesome.
I had high expectations that this trip, like any trip I take, would be a gastronomical delight. I researched trendy restaurants, mapped out an eating plan, everything. But, like on any trip I take, I was let down. It just so happens that I married a person who doesn't share my excitement and appreciation of food, especially while pregnant. Eliza is content to eat peanut M&Ms for breakfast, McDonalds french fries for lunch, and dinner, well, dinner is optional.

I have to thank Pam for teaching her daughter such good eating habits...

Another unexpected tangent.

Due my inability to reach the point of this post, which is that I had an awesome medschool interview in Philadelphia, I am going to conclude now and attempt it again tomorrow.

Stay tuned to find out about the interview, the school, and my mad east-coast driving skills; and be the first ones to read the heartwarming essay, Ring the Bell for Freedom, My Brother, by Eliza P. Platt-Hutchings, inspired by the Liberty Bell.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the eating habits, the trick is to ban all chocolate, candy and snacks. good luck with that. I'm excited for you guys. life looks real interesting right now. Mom.

Michelle said...

There are actually three h&m shops on the same exact street in paris. How do I know this you ask? well you see, rachel just so happened to leave her swimsuit on the train that she had just purchased in an h&m in italy (I think) so when we got to paris... the next available h&m store we had to search EVERY h&m until she found her same swimsuit.

Just an FYI.

Also. I love how you plan trips! we need to take one, I may not be a food lover such as yourself, but I am a place lover and restaurants fall into that category!