Wednesday, February 3, 2010

baby stuff

So Chuck there's a new background for you. Are you happy!?

Anyway, we went to our second Dr.'s appointment today and it went really well. We saw the babies again which for me was a huge relief. I've been a little nervous that something would happen to one of them. After all, we did find out pretty early on we were having twins. Now that I've seen that they are ok, I feel I can talk about them again. The dr. explained to us again why he thinks they're identical. When most people don't know what they're having it's because there are two placentas and it that case it could go either way. We only have one placenta so unless something weird like fused placentas is going on, then they are identical. At least I think so? I'm pretty sure. So there you are

Other fun things I've learned: Identical twins do not run in families. A women's chance of having identical twins is about 1 in 250 and that # remains pretty consistent throughout the world and hasn't changed much over time. A women's chance of having fraternal twins varies hugely on race and has drastically increased in recent years. Weird.

My mom was able to come to the appointment today which was really fun. We heard the heartbeats for the first time and the babies looked like they were snuggling.

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Tiff said...

Have I told you yet how excited I am for you? If not, I am WAYYYYY excited for you. You're amazing!!!