Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update from Utah

I'm just sitting here in Utah with Lucy on my lap. We're staying at my parent's house while they are in Mexico with some of my family. Jack's been having a blast playing in the snow and hanging out with cousins. The girls both have colds but are doing okay. We're glad to be able to spread out in a bigger house but even here we're getting cabin fever. I would really just like to take all of my kids out somewhere.

Before we left Hazel got a new helmet. We bling-ed it out for christmas. Lucy also met with the cardiologist before we left. He said that she's fallen off the growth chart for weight. If she doesn't chunk up before Jan. 7 they might put her on a feeding tube. She's now on a high calorie formula so we hope that helps pack on the pounds. In better news her oxygen saturation looked great. This is really important for those numbers to stay high.

I have pictures I need to post but I'll do that later.

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The Reynolds said...

Yea for being in Utah. I hope that house stays big enough for you. Glad to hear the girls are doing well and I'm sure that Lucy will celebrate the Holidays with some extra formula. Who can resist a few more calories around this time of year? Merry Christmas to all of you!!