Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life lately

I've been bad a blogging lately. Life has been a little stressful the last couple of weeks but we're all doing pretty good. Chuck is facing some stress at school, but we've tried to not worry about things that are out of our control.

Lucy started feeling sick on Friday with a fever of 103 and four days later she was still running a really high fever. They sent us to the hospital to have her blood work done. It took 9 different nurses and an hour and a half of trying before they finally got enough blood to run Lucy's labs. They eventually got it from her head (which is what I suggested from the beginning). Lucy has kinda hated me since then. We've also had to replace her NG tube twice in the last two days so that doesn't help either. She's pretty much terrified of everyone lately. I think she has nightmares. So sad. In better news, Lucy is sitting! I honestly have never been more proud. It felt like this would never happen. She still doesn't bare weight on her legs so I expected sitting to take forever. She's very proud of herself and loves being able to play with the big kids.

We're getting a temple here in Kansas City. It's only 10 minutes from our house and in our ward boundaries!
Angel Moroni
Jack has been so much fun lately. He's starting to move past the hard stage.

He refused to wear this hat for Halloween but he loves it now.
Lucy sitting.

She doesn't like the flash.


The Reynolds said...

That last picture of Hazel is priceless. So cute. Glad to hear Jack is fun; I'm looking forward to those days with Gideon. :)

Those girls are getting big.

The Finlinsons said...

Haha! I love the last picture. Awesome! I also love the pictures of Jack. I wish I had photo taking skills...and a good camera.

Tom/Tabitha said...

awww great pictures! I am happy for your good days!

Anaise said...

I just love that last picture, too. And the ones of Jack--he's a beautiful boy.

Here's hoping for Lucy's good health and Chuck's school stress to calm down.

Skylar & Kallie Stewart said...

I just realized where you live (sorry, i'm a bad cousin) but my mother-in-law lives in Kansas City also. I was talking to your dad when he was in St. George the other weekend and I think we figured out that you are probably only a few minutes away from each other.