Friday, May 11, 2012


In honor of Nurses week I wanted to share a little about my favorite nurse.
Lucy had one nurse who I still think about everyday. Her name is Carolyn and she was truly our angel. She always fought for Lucy and treated her as if she was her daughter. She loved Lucy and Lucy loved her. We always felt safe when Carolyn was around. She wasn't working when Lucy died but came in to weep with us. She stayed for hours waiting for us to leave so she could prepare her body. I wanted to show Carolyn what an amazing person Lucy was going to grow into. I won't get to now, but I like to think Lucy hangs out with Carolyn in the ICU, watching out for other little kids together. We love you Carolyn! Thank you for loving our daughter and making her lasts days beautiful.


StrawberryBlond said...

I'm glad you had someone in your corner. I still remember Jennifer, my delivery nurse with Caralie! Lucky for all of us, there are some great nurses out there.

Anaise said...

What a beatiful tribute!