Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

This is my mother. She moved away from her husband, home and family for an entire year...for my family. She payed for an apartment across the street from us, and every morning would come over at 2 and leave at 5, because that was her shift with the babies. She almost never slept during those hours. Did I mention she did this for a year? She came with me to countless appointments. She'd spend the night in the hospital with our babies so we could sleep. She was there when Hazel almost died and she was there when Lucy did die. When she said she understood what we were going through she did, not only because she had a child die, but because she went through our experience with us.
Growing up there were times she was my only friend. She always lets me talk and talk, even if she's heard it all before. I've never doubted my mother's love.
She takes less for herself, so she can give more to others. I love you Momma!


Anaise said...


Just . . . wow.

That's a mother's love at its finest.

The Reynolds said...

I don't know what we'd do without those amazing women in our lives. It sounds like you take after yours quite a bit. I hope you had a nice mother's day. I was thinking about you today.

Sheridy said...

Wow, What a great support she was! I'm glad she was there to help you out.

Five Crafty Sisters said...

I haven't read your blog for awhile, probably because it always makes me cry. :) I am still amazed by your strength! The son of my husband's cousin just drowned on a camping trip, and I couldn't stop thinking about all those that have lost children, and how amazing I think you are to have the faith it must require to continue each day. Thanks for your example, cousin!

Regarding your mother... I've always thought she was amazing!! I didn't realize how much she'd been supporting you and your family. What an example of selfless love! Love you guys!!