Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Village

Yellow Springs

Everyone here seems to own a VW van.

I prefer to call them, "peace promoters."

Because every little town needs an Asian jewelry store.

Cute little pop-up

More peace signs.

We love going for walks here. Everyone is so friendly. And because everyone knows everyone, they all know we're new here. The other day we met Deborah, she was planting a Magnolia tree. It was bizarre looking.


Raelyn said...

I love, love, love the painted message on those stairs!! Love, love, love. It somehow takes me back to my childhood neighborhood in the city!! ;-D
Hazel!! You are such a clown with that plastic spoon in your mouth!! So silly!! ;)
A Voltswagen bus!! My Dad used to own one of those vehicles!! This one is prettier than his was!! ;-D
I love that blue house!! With the red door!! And a touch of white!! It is patriotic!! ;)

Anaise said...

What a beautiful town. I hope your heart is filled with peace.