Monday, July 1, 2013


Did I ever mention Hazel cut her own hair recently?

I could EAT HER!

Chuck made our kitchen island . Totally doubted him. Sorry Hun.

Went to the outlets to buy Jack new church clothes. Hazel got to try them on first since she peed her pants. Worst part was she kept lifting up the shirt and flashing everybody. Oops.

He's a dog of course.

Me all day long: GET OUT OF HER FACE!!!!

Chuck built us a dining room table too. Totally doubted him again. Sorry Hun!


Anaise said...

The furniture is beautiful--the kids are even beautiful-er. :)

The Finlinsons said...

He seriously built those!!! That's craziness! And I can't believe how BIG Ivy is. It seems so sad that it will be forever until we get to see you again...

Raelyn said...

Hazel cut her own hair?! My cousin did that years ago as a little girl. And, guess what?! She is now a hairdresser!! True story!! ;-D
Ivy has a.... KILLER SMILE!! ;)
Was Hazel mooning people? That girl!! ;)
And what a cute "dog"!! ;-D
I love your kitchen island!! And that dining room table!! You have quite the skilled handyman!! I am self-described as being "building challenged"!! So I'm impressed!! I cannot even build a Lincoln cabin. With instructions!! Ask my poor nearly ten year old cousin!! ;-/

The Reynolds said...

Love the pictures, it's fun to keep up with your family. The kids are adorable and, of course, growing way too fast. Love the furniture and I'm super jealous of Chuck's talent. I'm sure your house looks amazing.

Carlie said...

Yay! We love pictures! Ivy is so big and Jack and Hazel are as cute as ever-even with spiky little bangs!

Carlie said...

Oh, and the bar and table look amazing! Way to go Chuck, I never doubted you! haha