Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a Boy, Again!

Well, we found out that our new kitty is a boy. We had to wait 'til we took him to the vet to figure out what he was. We've decided to name him Vincent. It is fitting since his ear is damaged and, as the vet said, may partially sluff off (from what we believe to be the effects of frost bite). His limpy leg isn't broken, but may be infected. We have to administer antibiotics each day to stop the infection and fever.
Since our last post, we decided to try to incorporate the new kitty into the house, not knowing the drastic affect he would have on Fergi. The way we perceived things, Fergi seemed like the big, bullying resident cat, and this poor, traumatized gimp seemed like a victim to Fergi's verbal assaults. But during one of the interactions, the kitty snapped and started to hunt down Fergi, chasing her at top speeds throughout every room of the house. On our second attempt, hair began to fly, and we knew that we had to give them more time to adjust to each other.
So, Vincent is banished to the bathroom for the time being, and Fergi is continually on the look-out for the black devil cat. Although we call him "devil cat", he is still completely submissive and affectionate with Eliza and I.

In other news, the Medical College of Wisconsin finally decided to invite me to interview. What the heck took so long?! I am a good applicant. I am a catch. When will these schools realize that?

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Quela said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a week and found a novel to read today. Thanks for the updates. Sounds like life is strummin' along and things are going well. Question... Where did you find the wider layout? I'm kinda sick of the skinny restrictions too.