Monday, February 4, 2008

What?! Another...

Cat? That's right. Another cat has entered our family. Yesterday on her way home from work, Eliza called to tell me she was bringing home a homeless kitty that found its way to her work. (She would be telling the story, but she's pregnant and unable to type.) We think its right ear is frost bitten, and for some reason it doesn't walk on its front right paw, but it is very cuddly and content to stay in your lap for as long as you want it there. And compared to Fergi, this new cat purs like an engine.
We don't yet know the sex, so we can't name it yet. And as far as Fergi is concerned, this new cat is trouble. She's not ready to share the spotlight with another being. I suppose this is good training for the baby.
In unrelated news, Eliza's car died today. Michael came over to help us install a new battery. It seems to run fine now.

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Bri said...

CUTE. One can never have too many cats....well, maybe one can, but at least Fergi has a friend she can vent to when your baby comes and she is no longer the center of attention.