Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glamour Shots

Cute babies ahead...Lots and lots of pictures of cute babies.

Hazel, smiling with her eyes.

The pouty lip. Lucy's secret weapon.

See what I mean about the lip?

Lucy's starting to get some cheeks...

But she's not nearly as cheeky as her sister!

Hazel, the happy sleeper.

(Headbands from Baby Bintz. Thanks Carly!)

Booty shot.

How can we not include this cute boy?

Lucy having a smoke...very glamorous.


Surprised face. (And that's Hazel testing out the Podee baby bottle. Very awesome.)

And this is me. Dad. That's right. It's finally my turn to take a little credit for having cute babies.

Can you tell how hard I work for these babies? If I look tired, I am. But not nearly as tired as I could be. I am so grateful to Pam for taking one of the night shifts. I have the 11-2 shift. Eliza has the 5-8 shift. I'm pretty sure that Pam got the short end of the stick with the 2-5 shift. But that's what she wanted. She flew back to Utah today and is going to be gone until...well, I don't want to think about it (just a few days). I'm hoping to get through tonight. We have become really dependent on her, so we'll have to figure out how to manage without her.
Eliza and I are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. We can't express enough how grateful we are for the prayers, fasts, and thoughts on our behalf. Our girls have been the recipients of miracles, and I can't help but think that your faith has made those happen. Even though having two babies at home is incredibly difficult, we are so lucky to have them both home! (And things could always be worse. That Target commercial with the triplets reminds of that daily.)
I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be at home this whole time. I'm not working, and school has been postponed until September, so I'm a stay-at-home dad for two more weeks. Diapering, wiping, feeding, burping, bathing, changing, rocking, walking, swaddling, cooking, (some) cleaning. I know, I sound amazing. It's because I really am. What is Eliza going to do without me when I have to go back to school?! Let's not think about that yet...

(And I hope you know that I'm totally joking when I toot my horn like I just did. I'm not that arrogant...)


A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Oh no, you're not!!

That babies are A-DO-RA-BLE!!

Does the little boy hold them, yet? I really hope yes. (Apparently, my big sister pinched me all the time, as a baby and when I'd cry, she comfort me and tell Mum, it was the maid!! Of course times have changed and I'm the pincher now. :D)

You're doing a fabulous job as parents!!!

God bless you both. :)

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Those** :D

The Coxclan said...

Chuck you can toot your horn all you like. It's a good thing to toot about. You're a great and awesome dad and husband. I'm glad you help out so much. Love and miss you.

Katie said...

You are an awesome dad, chuck. And Eliza is an awesome mom. Hang in there till Sunday!

Carlie said...

Chuck, you deserve all that praise! I've heard how great you've been! They're going to miss you when you start back up again.