Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Hazel

This morning we went over to the children's hospital to have Hazel's head looked at. First she had an ultrasound and then they did a CT scan. We were told we'd be meeting with a neuro surgeon today but when I called to see when they had scheduled our appointment we were told we wouldn't be seen until Aug. 27. Three weeks! We're hoping our pediatrician will get in touch with us with the results by tomorrow.
When we first found out there might be something wrong with Lucy I allowed myself some time to grieve. By the time we knew there was something wrong for sure I was ready to hear it. I feel the same way about Hazel. I spent a few days this week grieving, but now I'm just ready to know what we need to do now. There is still the possibility that nothing is wrong at all, but I don't think so. The more research I do the more convinced I am that she will need surgery.
Chuck asked me a couple of days ago what I was the most worried about. The truth is, the surgery isn't what concerns me the most. I know that will be difficult and awful but I'm worried about what her head will look like later in life. I wouldn't be nearly so concerned about this except for the fact that Hazel is an identical twin. Lucy will be a constant reminder of what Hazel is "supposed" to look like. I don't want Hazel to feel like there is something wrong with the way she looks. I don't want her to feel like she is being compared to her sister.
When we bring children into the world we do so knowing that they will have to go through difficult things. I never quite realized what that meant, and how much faith it requires on our part as parents to trust our Heavenly Father to look after them.


Melanie said...

Hello! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I am praying for your little one. I will continue to hold all of your family up in prayer that God will provide strength and complete healing. Please keep us posted on the wonderful things I know He will do in your lives! Love & hugs to you, sister!


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The Izant's said...

I think that is something to be concerned about, but remember that as she grows, her head won't seem as big as it is now. I don't think her head looks that bad, personally. The back of her head does jut out at the bottom, but when she has long gorgeous hair, you won't be able to tell.

Regardless, they are gorgeous honey! There will always be something to worry about. Try not to let it get you down okay? Just remember how awesome it is that you have two beautiful girls, who are beating the odds!

Love ya!

Carlie said...

It is so cool to be on the outside looking into your little family. You are growing and being so faithful through this. Someday those girls will get to hear the stories of their parent's faith and courage. They will learn of their own little resiliant spirits and have the faith and strength to be resiliant in all that life throws their way. They're going to be tough little cookies! Love you!

The Coxclan said...

A boy in my ward had this same problem and he had the surgery and then he had to wear one of those helmets, that reshaped his head and protected it. Now his head looks normal, it just has a few scar lines, which Hazels will probably be covered up with her hair. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what comes out of it. She'll look more like Lucy than you think. Don't worry, she'll be great. Just trust. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Joyce Bagby said...

Ken and I just want you to know that there are wonderful friends and neighbors in the Cascade 4th Ward that are saying prayers for you and your family multiple times a day. I put all of your names including McKay & Pam on the MT.Timpanogas and Provo Temple prayer rolls yesterday. So know that many brothers and sisters in the gospel are praying for you all as well. Your faith will sustain you all minute to minute. You are doing all the right things and most of all you are giving Chuck, Jack, Hazel and Lucy all of your love. The Lord knows your hearts and He will sustain you! Love you.

Spence and Aiona ... said...

Hi sweet Eliza! I am reading your blog in tears, with adoration for you and your strength and beautiful smile as you are triumphantly loving each moment! What a great example you are and what darling children you have! You are in my prayers, and I look forward to hearing more great news in the progress of your little gems!! <3

Venassa said...

I'm a new follower. Just wanted to say that you guys are in my thoughts. I can't imagine what you're going through. You have a beautiful family.

Katie said...

Those two will be such good little friends. And, yes, they'll still fight, still blame things on each other (or on Jack,) and sure, still compare themselves to each other when they're older, because hey, that's what kids do, right? But they'll know that they're loved just as they are. And that will be enough. Hope you hear something soon. Sometimes waiting can be so hard. Love you chica.

The Finlinsons said...

That is a sad thought to think about. I really wish you all the best and hope you can find out soon everything that is going to happen...cause waiting around is always the worst part for me. Our little family started to walk to your house last night to visit...but we saw your blocked off porch and none of your cars we went back home. But we definitely need to get together again soon.

We Joneses said...

Eliza, I just found your blog today through Rachel's and had to say that I've loved reading it. Congratulations on your beautiful new girls, and I was so sorry to hear about these complications. We'll be checking back frequently and will keep your family in our prayers.
I told Biff (my husband) all about you tonight-- how you were really my older sister's friend, but let me play with you anyways and how you gave me a key from Germany because I said how much I liked Rachel's! haha! Little things, true, but I still remember all these years later! Take care.