Friday, September 10, 2010

The girls appointments

Lucy: We took Lucy to the cardiologist this week. Lucy's blood oxygen saturation levels were down which isn't good. She has been having blue spells when she cries too hard so I was expecting her levels to be a little down. Normal is 99%-100% when she was born her levels were in the mid 90s and now they are about 85%. When Lucy was 4 days old she had a procedure done where they opened up her pulmonary valve by ballooning it. They were hoping this would increase the size of her pulmonary artery. They told us she may need to have this procedure done again. When we go back in three weeks they'll schedule that if she needs it. We also talked about the possibility of the shunt surgery. This was the surgery she was supposed to have when she was first born. We're hoping she won't need that and I'm thinking she probably won't. Overall she's still doing pretty good and has been gaining weight really well.

Hazel: This girl is drama! I took her to get her shots yesterday afternoon and she's pretty much been sleeping ever since. She had a bunch of doctor's appointments this morning and hated all of them. They had to draw blood and I made my mom hold her. I can't stand watching my kids having their blood drawn. We met with the helmet people and had Hazel's head scanned. This was really unpleasant because I had to keep her head from moving and she really hated it. She'll have her head scanned on wednesday and she'll get her helmet friday. We found out today that our doctor has only been at this hospital for 6 months and has only performed 4 of these surgery while he's been here. Before he came to Kansas City he was training with the doctor's who invented this surgery. There aren't many places around the country that do this less invasive surgery so we feel very lucky to be here. We were initially told it would be same day surgery but today they told us she will be spending at least one night in the ICU. I'm hoping Chuck can take another day off.


Christin Foscarini said...

wow liza! how do you keep up with it all? Im in aw of you! Glad to hear that things are going pretty well :)

Carlie said...

I'm sorry about the postponement. I know that's hard when you've been anticipating today. Hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

Katie said...

I know I posted something a few days ago, but it didn't show up! So Happy late Birthday! So what I said last time, You are such a trooper! You totally don't give yourself enough credit for how strong you are. You have handled such hard things with aplomb. You are amazing.

Sorry about today. To have to go through all the anticipation, twice! That's hard. Love you, hon. You're in our prayers still.