Friday, September 24, 2010

Well we made it home, only two days longer than expected. I'd love to say Hazel is doing great but she is still awake after almost 12 hours of being awake with only 2 very short naps in there. It was a long night. Hazel's crazy experience in the hospital was probably due to a reaction to one of her narcotics. The drugs most likely caused the muscles in her chest to seize up causing her to stop breathing. This happened three times in the night but she was intubated the first time. I'm quite aware that when I talk about anything medical I sound like a fool but I know Chuck would never get around to blogging this. Right now she is only taking tylenol for pain which I think is pretty amazing considering what she's been through the past few days.

Jack is much happier now that Mom and Dad are around. I heard he was pretty terrible while we were at the hospital. He keeps pointing to Hazel and saying, "owie." He was excited to have Hazel home. He keeps looking at Lucy's head. I'm not sure why, maybe he thinks she should be just like her sis.

Lucy is still ity bity. I can't believe she's two months old. She's a super happy, smiley girl. She's only had one blue spell since the last time we went to the cardiologist. I'm hoping her blood oxygen levels are up. Her next appointment is Monday morning.

In a couple hours we're going to go back to the hospital to get Hazel's helmet, I hope she doesn't hate it.


LeeAnne said...

That picture is so sweet. I'm glad that you're home now and everything is okay. Hopefully Hazel will sleep well tonight so you can get some rest. Let me know if you need some help.

Christin Foscarini said...

I didn't know about all the scares in the hospital!! I'm so sorry you are having to do this! I love you guys so much and hope lucy and hazel both are doing good now that hey have each other again :) (they probably knew they would need each other in this life and that's why they came together)

Carlie said...

Hang in there. I wish I could come visit again.