Saturday, April 9, 2011


I've wanted to post these picture for a long time. Hazel was 3 days old when these pictures were taken. We had been calling her football head and hedgehog. I had no idea that something was really wrong until a neonatologist gave us a referral to see a neurosurgeon.

Craniosynostosis effects one in every 2000 babies born.
It's a deformity where the skull fuses prematurely.

Hazel next to her identical twin sister.

Hazel getting ready for surgery.

Hazel's head looked different right after surgery.

One month post op. She had blisters from her helmet initially.

Hazel's head a few days ago at her nuerosurgeon's office. Six months post op.


Eliza said...

Sorry this post is so messed up.

The Reynolds said...

Eliza, she is looking great. But, then again, she's always been a cutie. It's good to see she's doing so well. I love those chubby cheeks.

Anaise said...

She looks terrific! She's such a darling.

Christin Foscarini said...

Hazel is looking so good!! Good luck with Lucy's up coming surgury. So I have to say that Elder Scott's talk was one of my favs too. I totally cried through the whole know I don't like to do that :) I blame it on the pregnancy :)

Steven said...

i just found out that my unborn baby has Craniosynostosis, its good to know that it can have such good rusults after surgery x