Monday, July 25, 2011

Lucy's feeling good

Lucy is like a new woman since we got here. I guess I didn't realize how sick she was until she started feeling better. The meds they have been giving her have really done amazing things. Yesterday she didn't need her NG tube at all during the day! She drank 4 ounces at one time without any coughing or spitting up. She normally would gag on anything she ate or drank and there hasn't been ant of that. It's weird. We've never really thought this was a reflux problem. The problem is the drug that is helping, milrinone, is not meant to be taken long term. She can only have it while she's in the ICU. It's kind of a dangerous drug, one of the risks is fatal arrhythmias. She's been on it twice before with no problems. So I'm worried how she'll do when we leave. The drugs won't really fix the problem, they will need to do that surgically. She's pretty happy and is being a little nicer to the nurses.

Trying to crawl. What a tangled mess!

Looking pink.

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Tom/Tabitha said...

So glad she is feeling better!

The Reynolds said...

She is such a little trooper. It's hard to imagine her being mean to the nurses; she seems to be smiling so often. I love the crawling picture. Glad to see/hear she's doing better.

Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

I was so worried! Thank goodness she is doing better! still praying for her and you guys!

Anaise said...

What a relief! Here's hoping that she stays feeling great!