Thursday, May 27, 2010

I had to post something. I was so sick of looking at my jumbo sized belly. I'll try to post pictures of Jack later tomorrow. The truth is he's always filthy and sticky and I don't want everyone to know exactly how much I neglect my son's hygiene. Not to mention his clothes that are usually mismatched.
Well I figure it's probably time we do an update on the babies. We saw my perinatologist this week and things are looking pretty good. No twin to twin transfusion which is more common with identical twins. That's where one baby starts growing bigger and taking more of the nutrients. They are both weighing around 3 lbs. Lucy is about 9% smaller than Hazel. They aren't usually worried until the discrepancy is over 20%. So we are good there. Their fluids are looking good. Hazel does have a little more fluid though. I'm going to this doctor every week now for the rest of my pregnancy.
I also went to my OB this week. No change in my cervix. Very good news. Right now I'm at a one and I really don't want to go on bed rest so I'm hoping I don't progress again for awhile.
This week we also had a meeting at the children's hospital that Lucy will be going to. It was really good they were able to answer a lot of questions we had. We found out that Lucy will be taken pretty much immediately after she is born and transported to the other hospital. Chuck will be going with her so I'm going to be left with Hazel at the other hospital. Hopefully my mom will be around. They might let me leave the hospital early to go visit her. If Lucy is born on time (at 38 weeks) she will probably be in the NICU for a little over a week before her first surgery depending on how she's doing. If she's born early she will need a little longer. The NICU is huge. They typically have 60-65 babies at a time. They gave us a tour after our meeting. It was so weird to think we were going to be there with our baby in a few weeks.
One thing I've been really worried about is that Lucy would also have some other chromosomal abnormalities. With her condition, there is also a high occurrence of Di George syndrome. The Neonatologist that was in our meeting seemed to think that because she is an identical twin, and her twin doesn't have the heart condition, that Lucy will probably not have any other chromosomal abnormalities. If she does Hazel will have them too. It's all very confusing to me. They will still test the girls after they are born.
Chuck has been studying for boards and I really hope he does okay. At least he should ace any questions on infant heart defects.
I'm so grateful for all the support we've received. My mom elected to have very painful surgery on her wrists so that she could heal faster and come out to help. My little brother offered to come live out here for awhile if I needed him to. My sisters have been taking time away from their families to help my mom recover. They've been so good to talk to. I wish were at home with them. My Dad has been so supportive and shown so much concern for our family right now. Both Chuck and my extended families have prayed and fasted for us and I know we have been strengthened because of them. I love our families.


Christin Foscarini said...

Glad to hear an update. I so wish you or I were closer to one another :( I always have you and the babies in my prayers. Love ya

Noelle said...

You made me cry cousin.

You and your little babies are in my prayers...and will continue to be.

I love you.

Carlie said...

And we love you too!