Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jack and Hazel are becoming good friends. Hazel went to Kansas City this week and officially got the ok to remove her helmet. We were so happy she got it off a couple months early.

Lucy has been really happy lately. She will be having a cardiac cath Thursday which will be her 13th official surgery. Crazy!


Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

She's looking good! I'm glad she gets a wagon ride! I can't imagine having a baby in the hospital with kids to take care of at home too! I'm glad you are an awesome mom, and have family and friends to help!

Christin Foscarini said...

Love these kids! You need to let me watch Jack for you one of these days.

Baby Sister said...

My mom wanted me to tell you that she sends you her love, thoughts, and prayers. :) And that one of these days she'll figure this blogger thingy out. Lol

Dave & Heather said...

Jack looks so much like Blair in that picture.
I love Lucy's cheeks. That girl is stronger than any person I know.
Hang in there!