Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lucy Post Op..Again

Lucy had surgery on her diaphragm on Monday. It was injured during her last open heart surgery. It seemed to go well but we still kind of have to wait and see. She was reintubated on Tuesday after a very difficult morning of breathing. Her sats dropped down to 50% and her heart rate and blood pressure went way too high. The chest x-ray showed that het entire left lung had collapsed. Today she's having surgery to hopefully find some mucus in there to suck out.
The surgeon told us the incision for the diaphragm surgery is actually much more painful than for open heart surgery. Because of this she might not want to take deep breaths which isn't good for her lungs.
It's sad how well we know everyone in the ICU but I think it makes it a lot easier on us and A LOT easier on Lucy.


The Reynolds said...

It's amazing that this incision would be more painful. Hopefully she'll be feeling much better soon and all of this will help her breathing improve. I love the picture on the last post of Lucy outgrowing Hazel. She really caught up. Way to go Lucy!!

Anaise said...

If that picture hurts my heart, I can only imagine what it does to yours.

Here's wishing her a really solid, healthy recovery.

Melody said...

We continue to keep you in our prayers. I'm glad Chuck can be with you and not stressed about school. We hope Lucy will heal quickly from this surgery.

Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

I'm sorry...but I continue to pray for you and yours! Always praying for Lucy!