Sunday, October 2, 2011


Okay, I know these pictures are kinda random but I've been so bad at posting lately that I thought I ought to include them.

Lucy has decided she is going to be a nurse when she grows up.

30 compressions

2 breaths

Look mom, I saved her!

Lucy on her last day in the ICU after 2 months.

Goodbye ICU!

Look at how thick Lu is. I never thought she'd surpass Hazel.

Sitting on Gammy and Grandpa.

The past almost 2 weeks have been wonderful having Lucy home. She loves it and is so much happier. On Thursday Lucy was admitted and spent one night in the hospital. That was rough. She did not want to be back there. We have to bring her back tomorrow. She's having surgery on her diaphragm. I'm a nervous wreck and I'm praying that it works. Lucy has had a rough couple of days recently. She's been throwing up a lot and has these spells where she doesn't breathe well. It's terrifying. We appreciate all the support we continue to get from everyone. Thank you so much.

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Tom/Tabitha said...

I'm glad she's home. Continued prayers! Love the pictures :)