Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A little bit of the food we gave out.
They waited outside for hours while we got things ready.

We were lucky enough to get to go to Mexico over Christmas. It was a good distraction and made celebrating Christmas without Lucy a little easier. One day we went whale watching which was amazing. I've been before but this time we saw them jump out of the water. We saw mana rays 16 feet across and got so close to dolphins we could hear there little squeeks. I loved it. Chuck gets sea sick so he stayed back with our kids. I stayed with the kids one day when he did zip lines in the jungle. And my mom stayed with the kids one day so Chuck and I could go do some service. My family went to Mexico last year and found an organization they really liked called 'Families of the Dump." This community lives just outside a dump and they earn money by finding things in the trash they can recycle. This organization is doing some really good things for this community. The day we were there they had received a large donation of food from the man who owns the resort we were staying at. We helped unload 2 trucks of food and passed it out to the community. It felt good getting sweaty and doing some hard work. The Mexican men were making fun of Carlie and I for lifting the heavy crates. Yea, we workout. Sometimes :)

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M said...

That's awesome! I've never heard of that organization before, I'll have to check it out! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! i'm so glad : )