Monday, June 20, 2011

2 weeks later

Right now I'm sitting by Lucy watching the Backyardigans in her room. I've been listening to her oxygen saturation monitor goes off non stop for the last few hours. Is it bad that I hit the silence button?
Her oxygen sats should be 100 percent since she had her "full repair," but they actually haven't really improved at all. She typically hangs out around 80-85 percent. Sometimes she'll go higher or lower but the low eighties are most typical.
I've heard probably 5 different explanations for this. My personal favorite was, " she's probably just cold." You learn who the dummies are pretty fast in the hospital. It looks like over time they will improve a little on their own and she will also need a cardiac cath done pretty soon to take care of some of the other problems.
Even though Lucy's sats aren't much improved she's already eating better. She pretty much hasn't eaten anything by mouth since March. Little tastes here or there. Now she is eating one or two ounces at every meal! We are hoping to be able to ditch the feeding tube soon.
We are supposed to be in Utah in 10 days. I know everyone thinks we are crazy. We are. But you have to remember, we thought Lucy was going to have this surgery two months ago. Chuck is about to start his 4th year of medical school. My mother has lived in an apartment across the street for almost a year. I really can't ask her to stay with me especially when Chuck won't even be here. So that's why we're going to Utah so soon after Lucy's surgery. Gammy and Lucy will be flying to Utah while Chuck and I drive with Jack and Hazel.
We have a lot to juggle before we go. I'm stressed.
Oh, Lucy and Hazel are 11 months old today. What happened to my babies?

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Christin Foscarini said...

Cant wait to see you guys! Even if you are crazy! :)

The Coxclan said...

We moved from California to Utah 10 days after I had Benji. Was it crazy, yes, but it was better than the alternative. Same goes for you guys. It's better than being stuck in Kansas City for 3 months. You'll do great because that's what needs to be done. Love you!

Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

Haha! those alarms always go off at the slightest movement it seems! It's funny how we know exactly where that silence button is! (of course after making sure she really is okay :) I'm so happy she is eating by mouth!