Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucy's recap

Hi everyone! It's me Lucy. I thought I ought to let everyone know how I'm doing and include some darling pics of myself just so you'd believe me.

This was me just before surgery. I was pretty pooped from waking up so early. And no...that is not my mother breastfeeding me. She's lame and never did that with us kids.
This is me day one and doing great.
Lots of drugs keep a girl happy.
This is me day two. I feel like a sausage. You can't really tell but I'm HUGE! My skin is pretty tight.

I'm doing good. There's a lot to balance right now and it's a little stressful but nothing we can't handle. I'm still totally sedated and probably will be for another day. I'll probably come off the ventilator on Thursday. I still haven't peed. I'm working on that. I'm also having a few other little problems: low oxygen sats, low blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms but that is to be expected. After all I just had my sternum broken and heart sliced open. I'm so tough! Mom has a feeling tomorrow might get a little rough but I'm ready.


Dave & Heather said...

You are so brave, little girl! You are going to accomplish amazing things. Heavenly Father has a bright plan for you.
Love you sweet girl!
Avery and Addy say to hang in there - and to tell your parents you deserve a big old scoop of ice cream!

Macie said...

I'm so glad she is doing well (except for the low sats and stuff, that part sucks)! Hope she keeps getting better! Is it weird that I'm jealous of you guys? I want Johnny's surgery to be over!

Anaise said...

Oh wow! Hang in there, little girl! You're so strong!

The Reynolds said...

This part is hard but you're going to be feeling so much better in a few weeks. Then you get to enjoy your first birthday and eat lots of cake. You're one brave little girl with some strong parents.

Christin Foscarini said...

Lu you and your momma are so strong and you will both get through this like champs! Love you both!

Becca Jane said...

Thinking of your family!! Get well soon beautiful girl!!

Tom/Tabitha said...

You and your family are amazing! You can do it!