Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When they think we're not listening...

Overheard while with Hazel.

"Look at that motorcycling baby!"

"Alien baby!"

Two little kids:
Younger sibling: "Mom, does that baby ride a bike."
Older sibling: "No, probably a scooter."

Little boy: "Dad why is that baby wearing a hat?"
Dad: "Some babies just like to wear hats okay."

"Oh your little girl is ready to play powderpuff!"

One little girl looked at Hazel in the doctor's office and started crying. After a couple of minutes I realized she was crying because she felt bad for her. Weird but cute.


Christin Foscarini said...

haha! these made me laugh. Hazel is so cute and such a champ!

Anaise said...

When you had one of her other helmets all blinged out, my little ones would croon, "Ooooh! Pretty baby!"

I think my favorite comment is the one about the scooter--go Hazel!