Thursday, June 16, 2011

In and out

Lucy and I are currently in the PICU. She had a quick procedure done to look inside her lungs. She had to be sedated and intubated for the event. She came off of it fairly quickly and was extubated right away.

She is sick of being here, and getting grumpy. You should see how she treats the nurses.
And respiratory therapists.
And doctors.
And aids.
And mom.

She is tired and cranky, and sore, and doesn't want to be messed with. Understandable.

It's about 50 degrees in here, and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I'm this close to stealing Lucy's blanky...

Post-op day 10. And I was predicting we would leave 6 days ago. I'm a bit too optimistic sometimes.


The Coxclan said...

Patience little brother. I know it's wearing thin, but all things happen for a reason. All things, no matter how small and insignificant. I'm sorry Lucy is struggling though. I would be sick of it all too. But there must be some reason. I hope it comes to light for you all. Love you. XOXO

Maggy said...

sending love and prayers your way Lucy!!

<3, Maggy

Anaise said...

So, how are her lungs?

And I sure hope you had a warm night!